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Implementing AMP in School Districts

​Across the nation, schools are implementing or expanding afterschool meals through the federal Afterschool Meals Program (AMP). Millions of children rely on their schools for nutritious meals which they may not have access to at home. By providing breakfast, lunch, and supper, schools can ensure that no child is being left hungry. The Florida Department of Health provides a streamlined process for school districts to enroll in AMP.


This page provides specific resources for school districts interested in joining AMP, or expanding their current program.

2011 Case Study for the Implementation of AMP in 100 Beltway Schools

NSLP Snack vs AMP

Many school districts already provide afterschool snacks through the National School Lunch Program. However, the Afterschool Meals Program allows schools to expand this offering to a more significant meal and allows school districts to benefit from the increased reimbursement amount.


2018-2019 School Year

NSLP snack $0.91

AMP supper $3.31


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